Smart Mobile Chat

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Smart Chat

Mutare's Smart Mobile Chat is the first of its kind chat application that more than doubles agent efficiency while giving important customers the convenience of mobile access to secure chat support right from their smartphones.

This mobile app supports two-way encrypted chat sessions between agents and customers, enabling users to communicate sensitive information quickly and confidentially. Agents once confined to servicing one voice call at a time can now manage three or more smart chat sessions simultaneously, which means better use of resources, lower network costs and quicker access to support for the customer. Smart Mobile Chat:

  • Enables the mobile channel in the contact center
  • Secure real-time inbound/outbound chat from mobile applications
    (Complies with HIPAA requirements)
  • Replace expensive, not reliable and not secure SMS solutions
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase ROI: Integrates with existing Contact Center investments

Mutare's Smart Chat application is platform agnostic and can be integrated with current UC and CC systems, significantly enhancing the value of the investment. Smart Chat can be deployed into a contact center, however is not necessary to deploy. Developed as a white-label offering, Smart Chat allows companies to extend their brand to their customers' smartphones while providing a superior support experience.