Become a Business Partner

Make the Smart Decision

Benefits Of Being A Business Partner

Mutare has installed thousands of communications solutions for business, government, educational and healthcare clients, enabling them to streamline costs, automate communications, respond to emergencies, meet regulatory requirements and increase productivity.

Benefits Include:

  • Opportunity to leverage your customer's existing investment.
  • The chance to offer applications that add value to your customer's system by improving productivity and responsiveness.
  • Potential to motivate customer system upgrades and the realization of additional revenues.
  • Additional value added through an "incremental" process, ensuring your ability to continue providing ongoing services.
  • Unparalleled support from Mutare Software's team of programming and customer support professionals.

How To Become A Business Partner

If you have customers with voicemail systems or messaging needs, we highly recommend you consider becoming a Mutare Software Business Partner. Please contact: Chuck French (, 847-496-9006) for more information.