EVM Mobile

Make the Smart Decision

Never Log Into Voicemail Again!

EVM Mobile iconEVM Mobile for EVM3 puts total control of voice message management in the palm of your hand. EVM Mobile includes three great features:

  1. Visual Voicemail – Provides a scrolling preview of your waiting voicemail messages. Open selected messages, read the full speech-to-text transcription, play the audio if necessary, and delete from your voice mailbox with just a touch.
  2. Voicemail Forward – Forwards mobile voicemail to your business voicemail box, consolidating all your voice messages in email so you never again have to check for voicemail in two different places.
  3. Greeting Changer – Record or change your Avaya Modular Messaging or Aura Messaging voicemail greetings on the fly, right from your smartphone, with just a tap. iPhone users can activate EVM Mobile from a free app here; Android users can access the app here.