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Message Monitor & Reporting

To our knowledge Message Monitor & Reporting is the only solution available to monitor call center voicemail boxes, a critical business function often overlooked in call centers and other critical business areas. Message Monitor & Reporting is an administrative tool that monitors select voicemail boxes and tracks changes in message status. Tracked information is written to a SQL database with fields such as mailbox/extension, what time the message was recorded, what time the message was played and/or deleted, and length of message. From that data, administrators may run a variety of reports that can be used to evaluate the efficiency and responsiveness of call center, help desk, sales or any other critical mailbox operations.

Message Monitor & Reporting Benefits

  • Create reports for call center operations evaluation
  • Track call patterns/peak loads
  • Measure actual performance against Service Level Agreements
  • Application includes a sync option with Modular Messaging for auto adds/deletes based on COS in the MM database


Mutare's messaging applications are available for on premise or cloud deployment. Premise based applications are installed on a customer provided Windows server. Cloud based deployments are hosted in Mutare's cloud and require VPN access to the customer's network to interface with premise based voicemail systems. Ask your Mutare representative for more details.

Message Monitor and Reporting and Mailbox Escalation are companion apps that are bundled together and sold as a package.