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Apr 20, 2018

SAM 'Makes a Huge Difference' for Staff at National Business Institute

SAM has made a huge difference for both me as a Systems Administrator and our staff,” said Laurie Douglas, Systems Administrator for National Business Institute. “It allows us to spend less time retrieving important voicemail messages and more time on other work.” Learn More>>


Mar 9, 2018

Mutare Welcomes Brandi Mauricio to the Role of National Channel Director

Mutare is pleased to announce the addition of Brandi Mauricio to its sales and marketing team. Ms. Mauricio will serve as National Channel Director charged with building and strengthening mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with the company’s national distributor network. Learn More>>


Feb 27, 2018

Mutare Adds Business Development Executive to Leadership Team

Chuck French has joined Mutare in the position of Chief Growth Officer. In this role Mr. French will apply his extensive experience in new business creation, development, product design and strategic planning. Learn More>>


Feb 5, 2018

Text Messaging in the Enterprise: Only One Way to Do It Right

Introducing Enterprise Text. eText enables individuals within the organization to engage in two-way text conversations with customers, clients and patients from their PC or mobile device. It can be used with existing business phone numbers, including an employee’s direct phone line, or applied to a dedicated text-only line if required. Learn More>>


Jan 15, 2018

Breakthrough Mobile Messaging Solution puts Notification Control in the Hands of the Clinician

Since launching its revolutionary Vital Link platform for secure healthcare communications and collaboration, Mutare has focused on the user experience to assure that this new technology solves, rather than contributes to, the problem of messaging overload. Learn More>>


Jan 8, 2018

Mutare’s Recently-Released SAM Call Completion Solution Hastens the Obsolescence of Standard Unified Messaging Systems

While Unified Messaging solution providers are struggling to remain relevant in an era defined by end of support for many legacy systems, engineers at Mutare have been busy simply redefining the way businesses should be handling voice messaging now and for the future. Learn More>>


Sep 21, 2017

Smart Assist by Mutare (SAM) Now Rated Avaya Compliant

Mutare, a leading developer of enterprise voice and speech to text solutions, announced that its SAM (Smart Assist by Mutareâ„¢) release 1.2 is compliant with key team engagement solutions from Avaya, a global provider of business communications software, systems and services. Learn More>>


Aug 28, 2017

Mutare - Altura to promote HIPAA compliant Unified Communication Solutions

Mutare, Inc and Altura recently announced a partnership and will roll out a series of game-changing Unified Communication solutions to Healthcare and other leading verticals. One example is Mutare’s HIPAA compliant application called Vital Link. Learn More>>


Aug 23, 2017

Mutare’s New Application Brings the Power of SMS Texting to the Enterprise

Recognizing the need for a true, enterprise-grade SMS solution, Mutare has developed Enterprise Text, a “smart” SMS text application that enables quick and easy SMS communication between employees and customers or clients while assuring privacy and control of the communication process. Learn More>>


Aug 14, 2017

New Vital Link Release Tackles the Problem of “Alert Fatigue”

The latest release of Mutare's revolutionary Vital Link platform includes a significant and welcome new feature that allows users to identify their message deliveries by type. Learn More>>


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