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EVM Plus™ with giSTT™ Case Study with Hosted Exchange

September 29, 2011

The Swett & Crawford Group, Inc.

As one of the nation's oldest and most respected wholesale insurance brokers, The Swett & Crawford Group, Inc. prides itself on the high level of expertise and service its agents deliver to the commercial insurance marketplace. Giving those agents the tools they need to manage the quick pace and complexity of communications between clients and global carriers falls in the hands of the company's IT experts and its Facilities Management department.

"We were looking for a way to give our people the benefits of unified messaging," said Kimberly Davies, Vice President of Facilities Management. "We were thrilled to find out from our representative at Tel-IS that there was an application by Mutare Software that would work with our existing system (hosted Exchange) when other third party vendors could not. EVM not only delivers voicemail to email, but also includes a text transcription which is really important to us."

Laptop and SmartPhoneThe Swett & Crawford Group, Inc. installed EVM Plus with giSTT speech to text in July, and the response from EVM-enabled field agents was immediate.

"Our brokers are supposed to be out, away from the phone, working [with] businesses and seeing clients. They absolutely love the fact that they get their phone messages delivered in text to their hand-held devices so they know right away if there is an important call," said Davies. "I've been told by several that they simply never need to answer the phone anymore because it is so much faster getting the 'gist' of the message with EVM."

While motivated by the needs of the field, Davies reports a number of other, unexpected benefits generated by the new application. "Our company is very big on conference calls, which means a lot of phone messages go to voicemail. As someone who spends a lot of time at the desk on the phone, I love being able to see those messages in my email. When I'm off the call, I already know which messages I need to respond to right away and which ones can wait."

As a company with contacts around the globe, The Swett & Crawford Group, Inc. has also realized the financial benefits of EVM with giSTT for its international travelers. "Just last week one of our brokers was on his way to Europe and asked to be enabled with EVM. That way, he could see all of his phone messages in email and not incur the high costs for international phone usage."

Additionally, The Swett & Crawford Group, Inc. is a company that archives all of its email. "Up until now, there was no good way to include the content of voice messages in our archives. Now, those EVM messages are archived right along with email. I've had numerous people who tell me how great it is that they can search and retrieve their archived voice messages."

While praising the product, Davies was also impressed by how smoothly the installation went. "In my line of work, I know that a good installation makes all the difference. You can have the best product in the world but if the installation goes bad, that's all you are going to remember. This installation went without a hitch."

With 250 users enabled with EVM to date, Davies says she anticipates many more as word gets around, noting, "It is just a fabulous tool."

About Mutare Software

Mutare makes access to information easier. Innovative messaging solutions such as EVM Plus™ giSTT™ speech to text let employees read voice messages in email resulting in faster decisions, more profitable transactions, and better collaboration. Mutare is known for its unified communication applications and self service applications including IVR, Voice Portal, call center administration, disaster recovery and notification solutions.