Custom/IVR Solutions

Make the Smart Decision

Mutare is among the most experienced, and most respected, custom IVR developers in the industry. For more than 22 years Mutare has helped its customers improve efficiency, reduce costs, save staff time and enhance responsiveness through innovative Interactive Voice Response solutions. Mutare custom IVRs can be used to automate a wide range of business applications, including benefits enrollment, absentee reporting, service dispatch, staffing calls, delivery notice and appointment reminders. Mutare's experienced team of developers will help you and your management team define process areas that could most benefit from IVR automation, and then write a program tailor-made for you.

Mutare Custom IVR solutions run on the Mutare Communication Server platform.

Custom/IVR Benefits

  • Rapid ROI through automation of time-consuming manual reporting processes
  • Quicker access to information that supports decision-making
  • Increased accuracy of data collections
  • Improved customer service

Custom/IVR Requirements

  • Mutare Communication Server (MCS) with telephony cards that interface with your phone system
  • Remote access to your MCS for installation and support

Sample IVR Solutions

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Automated Fulfillment
Reverse telephone lookup to locate address information to write to file.

Outcall application reminds recipient of scheduled appointment.

Voice Forms
Time and resources-saving tool for creating voice-based forms, accessible by phone or Web.