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SAM High Level Technical Overview

SAM voicemail replacement

SAM is a .NET application that runs on a virtual server. It can be deployed on premise or hosted by Mutare. SAM uses the Mutare giSTT API to convert voice memos to text. The giSTT speech to text transcription service is typically hosted in Mutare’s cloud but can be installed on an appliance behind the firewall. SAM connects to the enterprise voice switch through SIP trunking and is switch agnostic. See the sidebar for links to server specs.

Most enterprises deploy the SAM server behind the firewall and access transcription and SMS services from Mutare’s cloud. The giSTT transcription appliance can also be placed on premise as an extra cost option. The following graphic depicts a typical deployment architecture:

SAM Premise Hybrid Architecture

SIP Connectivity

SAM connects the enterprise switch through SIP trunking. SIP sessions are managed on a customer provided session boarder controller. For Avaya Aura systems, SIP sessions can alternatively be managed by the Avaya Aura Session Manager.